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Vivaldi became a priest

23 March 1703

Antonio Vivaldi was ordained as a catholic priest in Venice. Later that year he was appointed violin teacher at the Venetian orphanage, la Pietá, where he composed vast amounts of works for stringed instruments, such as several superb violin concertos.

    I. Allegro


    II. Grave


    III. Allegro




Smetana wrote to Liszt

23 March 1848

Bedrich Smetana wrote to Franz Liszt asking him to accept the dedication of his piano cycle Six morceaux caractéristiques op. 1, in the hopes of securing a publisher as well as a loan to start off the new music institute. Liszt replied full of praise and encouragement for the young composer and pointed him in the direction of the Leipzig publisher F. Kistner, who published the piano cycle in 1851.

    No. 1. Vysehrad (The High Castle)


    No. 2. Vltava (Moldau)


    No. 3. Sarka




Death of Johann Gottfried Walther

23 March 1748

Johann Gottfried Walther died in Weimar, Germany. He was a German music theorist, organist, composer, and lexicographer born in Erfurt and a cousin of Johann Sebastian Bach.

    Fantasia con organo pleno

    XV. Ik pak je

    So gehst du nun, mein Jesu, hin

    XVI. In jonge jaren

    Praeludium in E Minor

    XVII. Dag, arme charmezanger